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More than just water

We all know that we should drink a lot of water every day. But do we also know that water is not always water? In its most natural form it is pure and clear, full of energy and freshness. But on its way to us, much of this gets lost.

Invigorating and pure

The most important thing for Johann GRANDER is to make drinking water again into what it once was: The source of all life! For thousands of people revitalized water has become an essential part of their lives.


GRANDER Water GRANDER Water stands for more vitality and feeling of well-being. For a conscious and sustainable lifestyle in harmony with nature. Just as here in our hotel. This vitalizing water accompanies our guests right from the time of arrival, in the rooms, at breakfast or when enjoying a cup of tea or coffee. For more freshness, vitality and better flavor.

Enthusiastic GRANDER Water drinkers talk about

+ the fine and fresh taste of the water
+increased desire to drink water
+ long lifespan
+ noticeable freshness, more intensive taste and longer life of foodstuffs
+ sustainability and protection of resources:

Revitalized water regenerates itself, enables more sparing use of chemicals in cleaning processes and flows back revitalized into natural circulation.

Water is life