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The building

Well, in fact not one building but two. The main house in Schmiedsgasse, formally Hotel Post and a listed building. Old structures with massive timbers, individual rooms and high walls are the features of this building at the heart of Amorbach. This building today houses the reception area, EMICH´S Bar, Vinothek, Smoking Lounge, Dining Room as well as 17 rooms and suites. All the other rooms are just a few steps away across the courtyard. We refer to this building lovingly as our “Garden House” with 33 rooms on three floors. All have a balcony or patio.


The vision

Amorbach is simply a jewel which, with its beautiful surrounding countryside, modern infrastructure and super transport links, provides ideal living and working conditions. Amorbach is therefore not only an attraction for tourists and people seeking recreation but also an extremely attractive place to live for young and old. We want to add to the attraction of Amorbach with our hotel, with our attractive offers and everything else involved. We would love to introduce you to the charm of this little spot. A place to feel good, surrounded by centuries of history, nice people and the beautiful Odenwald.


“More than ten years ago I felt the wish to create a place where others can discover and experience our home town Amorbach and the Odenwald in the simplest of ways. A place to feel good. To be at the heart. To be surrounded by pretty half-timbered houses and the narrow cobbled streets. Since then I was completely taken with the thought of opening a town hotel for Amorbach. Today, ten years later, here we are! The idea became reality and we are delighted to show our guests a little bit of home with all its history.”


The founders

Since 1803 Amorbach has been the home and residence of the aristocratic line zu Leiningen. The family with its fate and history has been linked with this place for over 200 years. The preservation of this homeland and the wish to bring something to Amorbach and the region, was the wish and the vision of Andreas Fürst zu Leiningen, the 8th Prince of Leiningen. Together with his wife Alexandra Fürstin zu Leiningen, the first ideas for a hotel were initiated over ten years ago.

Plans were made and rejected and new ideas taken up. Months and years went by until the dream of this princely couple was to come to fruition. In May 2019 EMICH´S Hotel opens, named after the often used first name in the zu Leiningen family. Alexandra Fürstin zu Leiningen is responsible for the management. At her side is a super team which makes sure that every day is a feel-good day for you in EMICH´S.


The team

Our hotel is still being created. Our team too. But very soon, in spring 2019 we look forward to welcoming our guests. At present we are looking for motivated and enthusiastic personnel who would like to be part of our exciting hotel idea. Our current job vacancies can be found under “Career”. Aristoteles expressed it exactly: “The whole is more than the sum of its parts”. You too, can become a part of our team! Here in beautiful Amorbach.