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The Princes

Carl Friedrich Wilhelm, the first Prince of Leiningen
* Dürkheim 14/08/1724 + Amorbach 09/01/1807

“KK Kämmerer”, also a real “kurpfalzbayerischer“ privy Councillor and General Lieutnant.
1779 was raised to an Imperial Prince with the right to vote in the “Wetterauischem Grafenkollegium”, 1796 expulsion from Palatinate, 1802/03 compensation of the lost goods with the souvereign Princedom of Leiningen, and also a vote in the Imperial Princes` Council. Taking over of the title of a Prince of Leiningen, Imperial Count of Mosbach, Count of Düren, Lord of Miltenberg, Amorbach, Bischofsheim, Boxberg, Schüpf and Lauda.
1806 loss of the souvereignty to the benefit of the Granddukedom Baden, which gave parts to the Granddukedom Hessen-Darmstadt in 1810, and some of those parts joined into the Kingdom of Bavaria.
oo 24/06/1749 Christiane Hermine Countess of Solms-Rödelheim, * Rödelheim 24/04/1736 + Strassbourg 06/01/1803.

Emich Carl, the second Prince of Leiningen
* Dürkheim 27/09/1763 + Amorbach 04/07/1814

Royal Bavarian General Lieutnant and Commander of a regiment. As the heir to the throne he strongly influenced the foreign affairs of Leiningen with France and the politics on the Congress of Vienna.
oo I. 04/07/1787 Henriette Countess Reuß of Lobenstein-Ebersdorf, * Ebersdorf 09/05/1767 + Coburg 03/09/1801,
oo II. 21/12/1803 Victorie Princess of Sachsen-Coburg-Saalfeld, * Coburg 17/08/1786 + Fragmore 16/03/1861, after the prince`s death she became the wife of Edward, the Duke of Kent and mother of the British Queen Victoria.

Carl Friedrich Wilhelm Emich, the third Prince of Leiningen
* Amorbach 12/09/1804 + Amorbach 13/11/1856

Grandducal General Major of Baden, Royal Bavarian General Lieutnant a la suite of the Cavalry and Commander of a regiment, 1818 member through heredity in the Imperial Council in Bavaria and from 1843 to 1848 its president; since 1820 hereditary member of the First Chamber in Hessen and also in Baden since 1833.
1848 first President of the “Paulskirchenkabinett”
oo 13/02/1829 Countess of Klebelsberg, * Dirna/Böhmen 27/03/1806 + Bonn 28/10/1880.

Ernst Leopold Victor Carl August Joseph Emich, the fourth Prince of Leiningen
* Amorbach 09/11/1830 + Amorbach 05/04/1904

Royal British Admiral
In 1863 he was nominated as King of Greece, he denied this because of a huge lack of efficacy. Nearly the same reasons led him to deny the nomination as Duke of Lothringen.
oo 11/09/1858 Marie Princess of Baden, * Karlsruhe 20/11/1834 + Waldleiningen 21/11/1899.

Emich Eduard Carl, the fifth Prince of Leiningen
* Osborne/ Isle of Wight 18/01/1866 + Schlossau 18/07/1939

Royal Prussian Colonel a la suite in the substitutional General staff of the 18th Armycorps.
oo 12/07/1894 Feodora Princess of Hohenlohe-Langenburg, * Langenburg 23/07/1866 + Waldleiningen 01/11/1932.

Friedrich Karl Eduard Erwin, the sixth Prince of Leiningen
* Strassbourg 13/02/1898 + Saransk/ Mordwinien 02/08/1946 (in a Russian prisoner-of-war camp)

Lieutnant Commander
oo 24/11/1925 Maria Grandprincess of Russia, * Coburg 02/02/1907 + Madrid 27/10/1951.

Emich Kyrill Ferdinand Hermann, seventh Prince of Leiningen
* Coburg 18/10/1926 + Amorbach 30/10/1991

Decorated with a 1st class medal (Bundesverdienstkreuz) of the Federal Republic of Germany.
oo 10/08/1950 Eilika Duchess of Oldenburg, * Lensahn/ Ostholstein 02/02/1928 + Amorbach 26/01/2016.

Andreas, the eighth Prince of Leiningen
* Frankfurt/Main 27/11/1955

oo Alexandra Princess of Hannover, Great Britain and Ireland, Duchess of Braunschweig and Lüneburg, * Hannover 18/02/1959

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