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The Benedictine Abbey
The Abbey Church
The Organ
The Library
The Green Banquet Hall
The Refektorium
The "Seegarten"
The Royal Stables
The "Wildenburg"

The Green Banquet Hall got its name from its colours – mountain green and lead white. In former times it was used as a reception hall for the religious and the worldly men of its time. It was used for dining and concerts according to “royal” tradition of the 17th and 18th century.

The hall presents itself in the classical style. The unique stucco work done by Andreas Dittmann, the sublime musician gallery, the two crystal chandeliers which were acquired in Frankurt in 1792, the cast-iron ovens with the heraldry emblems of the former abbey and the figurines of the legendary founder of the abbey form the unique interior of the hall.