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The Benedictine Abbey
The Abbey Church
The Organ
The Library
The Green Banquet Hall
The Refektorium
The "Seegarten"
The Royal Stables
The "Wildenburg"

The church is the heart of the abbey which was summoned to a Lutheran-Protestant court church in 1803. It was built from 1742 – 1747 by Maximilian von Welsh and is considered to be one of Germany’s most significant sacred Rococo landmarks. The 2 Romanesque towers look high over the town and were built in 1120. The history of the abbey goes back over more than 1250 years.

The church’s lively shape and colours were designed by 2 stucco plasterers, Johann Michael Feichtmayr and Georg Übelhör, and the artist Matthäus Günther. The double pulpit from Wolfgang van der Auvera is one of the most famous masterpieces of the Rococo period.

» The restoration has begun