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Amorbach Abbey Concerts 2019/20

The famous organ of the Stumm brothers from 1782 will take centre stage at the 70th anniversary of the Amorbach Abbey Concerts 2019. It is one of the biggest preserved baroque organs in Europe with a uniquely beautiful sound. In all concerts, our distinguished organists will play alongside renowned soloists and ensembles.

On the first Sunday of Advent, we are delighted to welcome as our guests in Amorbach, the chamber choir SONAT VOX (former singers of the Windsbach boys’ choir) who perform under the title “THE VOICE RESOUNDS”. They are accompanied by Till Fabian Weser on the trumpet and flugelhorn, as well as the organist Bernadetta Šuňavská.

In keeping with our tradition, we will end our concert series with the festive “NEW YEAR’S CONCERT” on 1st January, showcasing the trumpet ensemble from the Bamberg Symphony and the Bamberg Cathedral organist Markus Willinger.

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