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Amorbach Abbey Concerts 2018/2019

We would like to invite you to our concert series in the magnificent Royal Abbey Church. The famous organ of the Stumm brothers from 1782, which is one of the biggest preserved baroque organs in Europe, takes centre stage in the Amorbach Abbey Concerts 2018/2019. For the first time, our distinguished organists will be playing alongside renowned soloists and ensembles in all concerts.

“NUN SEI WILLKOMMEN, HERRE CHRIST”: On the first Sunday of Advent, we are delighted to welcome the Windsbach Boys Choir (conductor: Martin Lehmann), accompanied by the trombonist Prof. Henning Wiegräbe (Stuttgart) and the organist Prof. Jürgen Essl (Stuttgart), as our guests in Amorbach, performing an atmospheric concert in the festive season.

“NEW YEAR’S CONCERT”: In keeping with our tradition, the final concert of the series will showcase the trumpet ensemble from the Bamberg Symphony with the Bamberg Cathedral organist Prof. Markus Willinger, taking place 1st January 2019.

Reserve your tickets for a unique baroque experience.

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